Aquatic Weed Harvesting & Hydro-Raking

Aquatic Technologies also specializes in harvesting and Hydro-Raking. Mechanical harvesting and Raking on lakes and ponds can be an effective management tool. Removing plants (biomass) can reduce internal nutrients content of a lake or pond; as a result, reducing the overall internal nutrient value (load) of the waterbody.

Hydro- Raking

The Hydro-Rake can be described as a “floating backhoe”. The equipment can operate in shallow water (<2 feet) and it can work to depths of 12 feet. The Hydro-Rake is successful at removing plants, hummocks, roots, stumps and emergent shoreline vegetation. A hydro-rake is operated from the water to “rake” the sediment layer, collecting plants and detritus with its various attachments.

Mechanical Harvesting

Mechanical harvesting boats are engineered to cut and remove aquatic plants from targeted areas.  Harvested “Cut” plants travel a conveyor belt, are placed in holding areas on the boat and ultimately transferred to the shoreline via a conveyor system. 

*Note: Harvesting may promote the re-growth and spread of milfoil and plants that propagate
  readily from fragments, thus it is not deemed appropriate for all waterbodies.


Aquatic Weed Harvesting & Hydro-Raking

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