Nutrient Inactivation

Aquatic Technologies is a leader in the field of nutrient inactivation in the tri-state area and has vast technical knowledge in the use of the products for nutrient inactivation. Aquatic Technologies can conduct water analysis of your lake or pond to determine if the waterbody is a candidate for nutrient inactivation and calculate the most effective dosage rates to achieve the greatest nutrient removal.


Typically, phosphorous is the limiting nutrient of aquatic ecosystems in the growth of algae. Therefore, if a waterbody contains a significant amount of phosphorous, it is likely to experience excessive algae production. The application of a coagulant and flocculants are used in lakes and ponds to precipitate phosphorus from the water column and reduce its release from bottom sediments. Lake and pond sediments treated with nutrient inactivation may release fewer nutrients and prevent excessive alga blooms.


Nutrient Inactivation will reduce nutrient availability to algal populations. Therefore limit the algal growth. Nutrient inactivation will also improve water clarity. Nutrient inactivation does not directly control the growth of aquatic plants. The application of these treatments involves calculations based upon the pH, hardness, and water volume.


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